Santa, I can explain!

by Sheryll Putnam
(San Antonio, Texas)

Santa, why complain?
Why look at me with disdain?
Your anger brings me pain—
Because really, I can explain.

You see, it’s just like this—
I aimed, but then I missed—
I tried to give my sister a kiss
But I did it with my fist!

About that yelling thing—
It’s just the way I sing!
And selling my mother’s ring?
It wasn’t even real bling!

That wall I wrote upon?
What did I really do wrong?
You can only tell when the lights are on—
Turn them off and the mark is gone!

Sure, I give Mom lip—
And my sister did not really slip—
And occasionally I flip—
but these infractions are just a blip

Moments that come and go
Santa, you must know—
sometimes I go with the flow
Sometimes I put on a show—

But Santa, I can explain—
Don’t be mad when you see my name
I’m holding my head in shame—
Oh—did you buy me those toys and games?

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May 07, 2013

Better not shout, better not pout, maybe you
should cry,, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus
is coming to town, and you got lots of
explaining to do!!

Apr 30, 2013

Better NOT shout
Better not pout
Better not cry
I'M telling you why
Santa Claus is comming to town
AND - He's rather upset with you!!

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