Santa's Beard

by Marja Blom
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

One morning after a deep sleep
Santa Claus heard peep, peep, peep
Oh, my, he said now that is weird
I think I've got a nest in my beard

Mrs. Claus please take the bird away
He said to her with great dismay
Mrs. Claus tried and she was curious
Why the bird became so furious

Then next to the bird in the beard
8 wiggly, wobbly eyes appeared
4 lovely tiny chicks came out
and started squealing very loud

Oh, Santa dear I know what's best
These chicks must keep their nest
but you can't go out like that you know
That beard of yours must go

Hence Santa went to cut of his beard
But Santa without a beard looks weird
He bought a fake one and what's more
Santa did look better than before

Now kids if you give Santa's beard a pull
and discover that it's made of wool
You know now why, believe my words
It's because he had to save the birds

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by: Marilyn Slater

Lovely, Marja! Thank you! Now we all know why Santas have fake beards. Question answered!!!

by: Keith's Ramblings

What a wonderful poem for the upcoming festive season. It's especially good because it's explained something that confused me as a kid when I saw Santa take off his beard to scratch his chin!

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