Saprobe: An organism that derives its nourishment from nonliving or decaying organic matter.

by Dana

I’m like a saprobe
I break things down
And turn them into dust
Like my family for example…

My family, a train of five
And I am the caboose,
The tiniest cabin
The one who holds the least

And yet something troubles me
If I am the tiniest cabin,
The one who holds the least
Then why do I carry such a heavy load

Why do I feel like at any moment
My world will come crashing down
And I won’t be able to save anyone
They will all die

And I will be blamed
Like usual so it wouldn’t be any
And yet, it makes the biggest difference in the world

Why can’t I be normal
Oh right, I’m “special”
Their way of telling me I’m SCREWED UP!
I’m just one screwed up child
Who can’t do anything right

Just set me free
And let me go
So that the world can be happy
I bet no one would notice my absence

No one would care or even
Look up
They will go on with their lives
Like I never interfered

Or was born on Earth
They won’t notice me
Why won’t they notice
That I am a saprobe

Breaking my family apart.

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