by Anne P. Murray ~ LadeeAnne
(Bitmingham, Alabama)

Like a skein of softly woven silk
She moves silently across ocean waves
Exquisite in her ethereal beauty
Moving effortlessly across moonlit bays

Her soul knows no boundaries
As it moves silently in the night
Her beauty in midnight glowing
Like a bird soaring in graceful flight

Gliding in misty moonlight
In a gleaming white moon blaze
Her face glowing amongst the stars
She glides elegantly across the waves
Her heart cries out to the seamen
Bereft … longing to be saved

In the misty ebullient sea
In which Sara’s poor body drowned
The whales sing her lonely song
Their cries ring strangely thru’ the night
Their voices without words
Grieving Sara’s rueful plight

Sara’s voice cries out in vain
Her tears- salty with ocean air
Crying out in quiet depths
Endlessly in her despair

Glimmering and vast the mighty sea
Tides rage full- the moon shines bright
This sad lonely maiden cries out in despair
Through the darkness of the lonely night

Her sorrowful notes of sadness-
Linger eternal in the misty ocean air
So many years now...
Sara still wanders all alone
In Neptune's deep watery grave
All the brave seamen so forlorn
Sara's poor lifeless body...
Those gallant seamen could not save

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