Savannah donate charitable acts:

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

nothing wick kid combs to hairy my whey!

nothing wick kid combs to hairy my whey!

without asking for tangible receipts
but to pollinate greensward vis a vis
as pay forward recompense

many good samaritan instances
came my way of late, yet
hive heal stymied, how
unexpected gratuitous deeds didst whet,

a voluntary yen of mine
to pay back or forward
countless instances
to balance out scale reciprocation

doth weigh within mine conscious
and/or subconscious
giving back status unmet,
thus...this ambling, bumbling, fumbling,

et cetera sensate Homo Sapien able Juan
Tim steady state Cane, tis ready and set
analogous to the tricks Seine
by a rheas ease pond dint

surveyed monkey smart pet
whom calculated thine net
total asper positive fortunate events this chap
and or loved ones within mine family met

since years gone by to the present moment let
me experience minimal anxiety
finds euphoric sensation within me (as if jet
ting into stratosphere,

and a counter force get
tin overpowering akin
to a creditable conscientious debt
begging to be honored as a non boastful bet

among the better angels of thyself
whom regulate acceptable, affordable, airing...
agreeable, amenable, un arguable heartfelt
good fella expressing deserved certifiable
bona fied ardent

action demonstrating appreciation
for innumerable, humble, g deeds
done divinely deposing
dada's depredatory, depredation, depression

sans crucial life line feeds,
as genuine deep seated acknowledgement
as proof emotional, financial,
and spiritual bountiful personal necessity
receiving such psychic receipts heeds!

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