Dear Mr.and Mrs. America
Your children, Congress
and President Obama...
There is way to save our Nation
We would appreciate your attention.
Money isn't the answer, nor is taxation.
Millionaires and Billionaires
aren't eager to empty their pockets
Nor are We The People
We fear Socialism & Communism
Believe the Constitution
and Bill of Rights are best
for our Nation
We may not be a total
Christian Nation, but whatever the faith
we fear and praise Almighty God.
His Laws we honor
not necesarily to obey
but to guide us in a righteous manner.
The Laws weren't given merely to command
but to lead us to Jesus Christ.
If we repent of our sin
We are promised to live forever.
We pray our Military be allowed
to honor and praise as they wish
with help from the Bible.
Let the Stars & Stripes,
The Red White and Blue
fly night and day
as we Pledge Allegiance
and pray God Bless America
our President, Congress and
We the People...
Help us be one for all and
all for one.
As we Love, Honor, Serve and Obey
in the name of our Father God
and His Son Jesus Christ
in prayer and unified cooperation
America will survive..

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