by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

My love for you was so true
Excited beyond any belief
I couldn’t stop holding you
You brought life such relief

I envisioned such dreams
Life together in happiness
You felt the same it seems
Everyday full with joyfulness.

Your name brought inspiration
With so many years ahead
You were my new motivation
To lose you, something I dread.

Our love was conceived at dark
A joy beyond any good thought
Truly this night a date to mark
For years only answers I sought.

When the bad news came that day
That now we were going to part
How am I to let you go your way?
I’m sure to die from a broken heart.

My heart broken, many will know
How could this happen to us?
Tears from my eyes how they flow

Should we ever meet again someday
How should we greet each other?
It will have been many a year I say
Many do understand all this fuss.

When I was told we would part
The day came to say good bye
You gave me six months head start
Saying good bye, my baby left to die.

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