Saying Sorry

by Rachel
(North Somerset, England)

I feel your upset and that you need space
I say sorry for everything I've done wrong
but you still can't forgive me
I'm sorry that I'm not the friend you've always wanted

I'm sorry for not always looking out for you
but still I tried my best
I'm sorry that I bring you bad memories
I'm sorry for upsetting you

If you can't forgive me then that's fine
but I'll never stop caring about you
and I'll never leave you
I'll never trample all over you

I'll still be your friend
No matter what

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Feb 17, 2012
by: Lucy

hey Rachel,
nice poem. how are ya?
school soon so you will get to see Mr Larter!!!!
maybe you could write a poem about him!!!!
ah I've been thinking about a title for a poem I want to see what you think, oh yeah I've done more poems I think you will like them!!!!
see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 13, 2012
by: joey cain

Keep up the good work it reminds me of myself and how i feel for the love of my life. But she don't see that i love her more than a friend. So i got mad at her and now she hates me.

But please write more like this one

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