by Luis Ullán
(Salamanca, Spain)

Eternal hands, painted on an invisible body,
bleached with dull, hard bones,
healing my scars all over.

Waiting for the cold to come,
can´t see anything clear.
I just want to escape, I just want to run
where madness never stops.

“We are closer”, says the blind woman
setting the wrong channel
on a sick, skinny television
that reminds me of hell.
With this cruel, weird intuition
that tonight would be the end.

“There´s no way out of this prison”,
spiders scream through the walls
“all is broken, all is lost”,
claim with heavenly voices;
that is their chant of hope.

And while I listen to the monsters
on this empty, dirty hall,
all my dreams come, all my fears go.

Because Darkness reigns here,
And I am happy after all.

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