by Rian S.
(Carlsbad, California )

My pencil is sleepy and tired, it doesn't want to write.
My books are wide awake screaming words at me.
My paper is doing the conga with my scissors.
My ruler is shouting out orders numbering them 1,2,3.
My pencil sharpener is hurting everyone.
But luckily my desk is here to quiet and hide the commotion.

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Rian's Great Poem
by: Papa Carlin

A great poem is concise,memorable,and delivers thoughts or humor in a short but powerful maner.
Your poem is does all of the above. I can't wait for your next poem.Great job.
Papa Carlin

Rian's poem
by: Baba Carlin

Rian, you are a true poet because you are able to express your thoughts and feelings in a definitive but lyrical way..Keep it up. I love poetry and want to see more of yours. Your poem is outstanding!!!Hugs and kisses.

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