Scotland the Brave?

by David Bridges

The time for Scotland to make up it's collective mind
Is rapidly approaching but I fear that we may find
That our country's age old trait of being folk that sit and wait
And then fail to act then hate, ourselves, and those who fill their plate
With the product of our toil and their tankers with our oil
And cream the Spirit from our whiskey coz we don't like things too risky
All this again will raise its head
we'll wait and wait until we're dead
We'll watch our chance fade in a hurry under drip fed dread and worry
As we swallow what they feed us and let them carry on and bleed us......
- unless
Unless we banish all the doubt and grab the bull by horn and snout
And tell them now! That we want out of your land of greed and gout
Can our hope springs flow like streams as we realise our dreams
We must change this same old tale to one where Scotland will prevail
where we write our own new story and on our own we strive for glory.
So every Scot they should remember come the eighteenth of September
That if you want to have real pride put the fear and doubt aside
From the Borders to Caithness stand as one and vote for YES

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