by Sebastian
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Plummeting Without a Chute.

My head is a broken CD
skipping and replaying the
one line over and over
My heart beats only
for my body to move slower,
My eyes, glazed as if I was blind
My voice echoing only to be declined.

Everything being dismantled around me
Nothing holding on, tiny threads of string
breaking unable to see.
It's all falling with my mind
Some day I'll climb up again just to find....

A blankness feeling of the mind
Plummeting off the edge blind,
Not knowing what's beneath this blur
Sometimes all we need is a moment of spur.

A Weight  like lead on your chest.
A sinking feeling at the best,
Lost inside a world of doubt
Still no one can hear me scream or shout.

Running through an endless room
Why can't I just meet my doom,
What could be the eternal fate
Of my empty soul, left here as bait.

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