Sent from a Broken Heart

by Reuben Morales
(Fresno California)

sent from a broken heart...

the day you left me alone, the day on which you had gone, you never turned back for me and i am still waiting for you, my heart is still not believing it and i am morose, hoping that it's not true, your memories surround me and i begin to fall weak in front of them, they never let me go ,like leaves attached to stem, now i sat near the river and and was trying to find you from its waters, i am remembering every day spent with you and your laughter, i was having a look on our sky as day turned into night, so was your reward to me, and now, a flightless kite on a string longing for its beautiful breeze and lo there was none, so..... I sit and wait for my for my breeze, just remembering you , and breathing for you, please come back.......... my heart is it still beating.

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