Sex Appeal

by Allison E Pattion
(Memphis, TN)

Sex Appeal
Your appeal entrances the heart
Infatuating all sensibility.
From the tips of your toes
To the last strand of your hair
I am taken by your sex appeal.

The thought of you
Causes my temperature to rise.
At the sight of you I perspire
With explosive eruptions of fervor
I desire immediate fulfillment.

Wanting you will not suffice
My need for you is animalistic.
Erotic heat pumps through the veins
My heart palpitates to an unknown beat
Exotic thoughts become my reality.

Your sex appeal…
Is a form of insanity---My mind is overtaken by thoughts of you.
Your essence…
Is a form of hypnosis---My heart is spellbound by your beauty.
Your aurora…
Is a form of ecstasy---My body exceeds orgasmic bliss at the sight of you.

An aphrodisiac of passion
A potency of euphoria
A lustful undertone of sexual tension.

Your sex appeal…”Is Appealing.”

Copyright Allison E Pattion
© 2010

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