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Shape Poems for Kids

Shape Poems for Kids helpteachers in the classroom by providing a new, innovative way to teach their students poetry in the classroom. This resource, part of our larger teacher resources program, is a tool developed by My Word Wizard that educators can incorporate into their lesson plans to teach poetry to kids. 

Learning poetry at an early age can be beneficial to a child's development. These poems can be used as a starting point for students by putting a creative spin on poetry.  Try teaching some of the ideas presented below and then have your students submit their own work to be shown on My Word Wizard!

Shape Poetry

A shape poem is a good way to teach poetry to students.  To write a shape poem, choose any noun with an interesting shape and write a short, one-sentence poem using alliteration in the shape of that object.  Alliteration repeats a consonant over and over (e.g. 'Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter').  Kids love alliteration and the way it sounds.  Shape poems can be used for a poetry game to kickoff a poetry unit in the classroom. Children may even be willing to share their shape poems with other students in the class!


Toothpaste Shape Poem

Snail Shape Poem

TASK: Have your students write their own Shape Poem using alliteration.  Our recommendations for shapes are: a rugby ball, a snake, a flower, a ghost, a star, a banana, a pair of glasses.  Remind them to make sure their shape poem is written in the shape of the object!

Share Your Student's Shape Poetry and We'll Publish Them Online

Are you an educator teaching poetry to your students? Our editors are always looking for new poems to add to our collection. Submit your student-written Shape Poems for Kids to our editors by emailing them to us here.

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