She the one

by Andrew Eli Ocasio
(Cleveland Ohio)

I have only dreamnt this dream on good time
it sparked my soul took over my mind
I began to search and began to look
then I realized this was a page to a very long book

I used to be restless like an undying flame
I was filled with guilt torn with pain

then I met her and she swept me off my feet
I looked over and there she was right next to me
the most perfect gift the most perfect human being
I am rewarded now everyday I feel like singing

I look into her eyes and I just get lost in them
but I don't care cause this time I don't want to be found
I would swim the seven seas, die a million deaths
just be by your side and to feel your breath

her touch is like a pain killer it takes the pain away
her kisses are so peaceful I want them everyday
her hugs heal cuts and clean wounds
I'm not afraid anymore because I know she's the one

I love Deion thanks for being my soldier

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