by Michael (mspoet)
(Redlands, Ca.)

She paints on my canvas
like a masterpiece
The rainbows of love
in a swirl
The strokes of her brush
form the perfect crease
On an otherwise
crumpled up world
She has visions
that glitter like gold dust
But her heart
is the jewel in her life
When mother nature
changes seasons
it's still the two of us
And nothing
can make it more right
Time alone could not
bestow a mere design
More than this blessing
she reveals from far above
A gentle maiden to protect
and share a lifetime
Until the day
that we return
back to His love
So today, I will call her
my valentine
But my passion
I will share everyday
With kisses and hugs
and a simple rhyme
In my heart, with true love,
she will stay

Michael 2/6/2014

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