by Tijjani
(Grema )

A soul is about to fly and flee, leave and depart from a soul that has all the hopes n wishes upon the one about to dash away. The season of shiver, tears dropping, loneliness and a play of missing each other has come. She is about to leave. The beautiful, the breathtaker, the healer of sorrows and pain, the supporter and the big fan of my soul. Don't go and leave my soul alone. Smell the scent of possibility and stay with me forever for without you, I will fall and perish. You are like, or definitely the pillar of my life. Who will make me arrange my teeth in the form a big smile and allow my invisible dimples to dance on my cheeks. Don't go if there is a possible way to stop the journey, but you are like the train of truth, always moving forward and never going backward, holding fast to what has been said. I will miss your beloved soul. Spare me your shadow as a gift, so that I can lean on it and remember your beautiful shape, and your beauty. Capture my face with your heart and envelop it with your body, for I have already changed my name to yours. People are now calling me by your name and everyday will be a remembrance for me. Within me and my surroundings, there is a symbol on everything that identifies you. I have reached the stage where Shakespeare died. I cant move ahead of him. Let me release the pen now and hug your ghost forever. Farewell your eminence. May we meet again in the land of fairies.

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