Shining tears

by Tessa Carvill

Pathetic, little bitch with eyes full of tears,
I've wished this to happen for so many years,
Your hands they are bound by your straight bleeding line,
Which object is it that you have used this time?
The knife, the blade, the glass, the pin,
Each one sinking deeper within,
You soul, your heart, your body and mind,
Can you honestly tell me now that you’re fine?
When you realize that rope round your wrists isn’t string,
It’s tied by the bleeding wounds you keep inflicting,
And when I look in your eyes and think who you use to be,
I then smash that mirror, because in the end you are me….

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by: Matthew Beggs

To be honest, it really makes me think about things. The past and the feelings that go along with it. This isn't one of the happiest of poems, but I feel that's actually good. It's strong and leaves an impact. It's an unsettling feeling, and I doubt I'll be able to let this feeling go for a long time. Congrats on another great piece.

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