Valentine's Hearts and Cubes 

Love need not be expressed in drawn out, overly serious language. Short Cute Love Poems get straight to the heart of the matter, letting you profess your love in an adorable, meaningful way. 

So why use a thousand words to communicate what you can in just three simple words - I Love You. 

We've challenged our writers to create brief, delightfully romantic poems that will inspire you to share your feelings with that someone special.

Playful Joy

Being with you is joy, pure joy.
But you know what?
The joy, dirty joy
is pretty incredible, too.

Just Right

Okay, we fuss and bicker,
and at times we show a flicker
of annoyance when we rub each other wrong.
But our squabbles don't out measure
loving moments filled with pleasure.
It's just all a part of how we get along.

Snappy Happy

I feel snappy and happy
and pretty darn good,
I'd leap over buildings
and fly if I could.
What makes me so giddy
and light-hearted, too?
The reason's quite simple:
It's you, baby, you!

No Way!

Could I get along without you?
Could I face another day?
Could I find such happiness again?
No way, no way, NO WAY!


Wow, you're just amazing!
Wow, you're really great.
Wow, you've got the kind of style
that I can't overrate!
Wow, you make me happy!
And please, may I avow
that no one else compares to you,
so while I'm at it--WOW!

Poetry by Susanna Rose

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