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Sometimes it’s just nice to jot down a few words that inspire.  Our Short Inspirational Poems collection provides the perfect sentiments to motivate others to achieve their very best.

Whether someone you care about is in a blue mood, or they just need a little push to find success from within, the writers of My Word Wizard have the right words to elevate those around you.  Let them know how much you believe in them with some stirring words from this collection.

The Easier Path

Life is just a journey
Full of twists and bends
But when you rely on family
And the value of your friends
You’ll find that the journey is easier
that the path is not as rough.
Each step you take with others
Helps it not be so hard and tough.

What It Takes

Around the corner is opportunity
waiting for you to take it.
And there is a claim close by
waiting for you to stake it.
Whatever lies in wait for you
I know you’ll pass the test.
Because each time trial comes
You always have done your best.

Here for You

Life is full of choices
And full of hard decisions.
But I know that you’ll come through
And that you’ll do what’s right.
Don’t forget to give me a call
I’m here to lend a hand.
You’re my friend, through and through
And I’ll do whatever I can.

You Can

You are a hero to me
You are someone I look up to.
You can get through this
There’s nothing you can’t do.
Know that I am beside you
And will do my part.
No one has your strength
And no one has your heart.

A Passing Phase

I know that times are hard now
and I know you’re feeling down.
But you have strength to get through
and I know that you’ll be okay.
Keep looking toward the future
This time will soon pass by.
And I will be your shoulder
If you need to cry.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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