Short Poetry for Kids

Children love to be creative and they especially love to express themselves. Our Short Poems for Kids will capture their attention and draw them right into the creative process. 

Whether it’s humorous words about school lunch or an inspirational poem for the kid who doesn’t excel in sports, they’ll really appreciate how much you are clued in to what they are going through each and every day.

You’ll enjoy our poems dedicated to our most precious resource.

Baseball game

Life is like a baseball game;
Every pitch is not the same.
You get several chances at a hit,
But Pay attention
Cause if you miss
The game could be over quick, quick, quick.

Daily Routine

I wake up each morning
Stretching and yawning.
Gotta shake a leg
If I wanna stay ahead.
Mom says move it, on the double;
I better hurry, or I will be in trouble.
Out the door, don’t want to be late
I hope the bus driving is going to wait.

Game of Life

You told me to never fear
Cause you would be there to wipe my tears.
Every night, every day
Dad, you showed me the way.
You taught me to play the game of life
One day I’ll be a great father like you
And have a great girl like Mom for a wife.

This Thing Called Life

Sometimes it’s happy; sometimes sad.
Sometimes it is good, and sometimes bad.
Once it was old; now it’s a fad.
Doesn’t writing these silly poems make you mad?
I’d rather sing silly songs.
It is fun and oh so nice.
Sometimes, you have to wonder about
This thing called life.

Life Stages

At times it‘s hot;
Other days it’s cold.
At times it’s not;
But sometimes it’s gold
First you are born;
Then you die.
What are you gonna do
As time passes by?

Shining Star

As the days go rolling by,
You have to keep reaching for the sky.
Let no one steer you away from your course
Cause you are your only energy source.
Keep on soaring both near and far;
Your light constantly shines
You’re a shining star.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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