Silken Skin

by The Wid0w

Silken Skin

silken smooth skin.. writhes from with in ... beneath my fingertips
fingers that slide so softly... followed... by moist, hot velvet lips
a warm breath's caress... over strong, bulging chest... as my lips continue to explore
palms that glide to muscled thigh... that leave you wanting more

do you feel your passion growing? ... beneath my loving touch
slowly lips glide ever lower... some things we shouldn’t rush
soft hair whispers lightly, over lips sweet passing trail
closer to your excitement... my tongue flickers... as i kiss... what makes you male

grasping manhood firmly, as i kiss the velvet tip
slowly softly fondling, as i enclose you, within my lips
firm wet pleasure pervades you as they glide along the shaft
i can feel you pleasure growing, as you feel my warm breaths draft

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