Silly Sally

by Amy Ekins
(Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

Silly Sally was a messy sort,
she really wasn’t tidy as she ought
to be for someone almost eight years old,
which is very old indeed, or so I’m told.

Silly Sally loved to run and play
and toss her toys aside along her way.
She hoped that someone would then tidy up
whilst she was out and fetching with her pup.

Under Sally’s bed was like a bin,
anything left out she’d scrunch and chuck it in.
There were t-shirts, books, and even once a plate,
though Sally could not remember what she ate.

That plate turned green and big and grew some fur,
in fact, once Sally thought she even heard it purr!
But Silly Sally chose to ignore it all
and run outside to play some basketball.

Whilst she was outside playing in the sun
old fur plate thought that he would have some fun.
He gathered up her shoes, her dolls, her tees,
her books and pens and even magazines,

and every other tiny little bit
left underneath that bed mum called a pit.
Whilst Sally laughed and skipped her messy way
through the parks and fields on that hot summer day

old fur plate was there fashioning a monster
so scary that he thought she’d need a doctor
to calm her when she walked through her bedroom door
and saw that monster stand and heard him roar (old fur plate would do that roar, of course).

I won’t say to you what happened when she came back
but Sally sure did change, and found a knack
of keeping her room tidy ever more,
and when out, she always closed her bedroom door.

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