Silver bird

by Victoria E. Miera
(Aurora, Colorado U.S.A)

Do you know why I like to fly? I may have mentioned it once or twice, none the less hear it again. I like the way it makes me feel, to take off into G-d's capable hands. We go real fast, then off in the air we go, Where G-d is in control

It makes me come alive you see, As G-d takes control of this silver bird. I laugh out loud, as I squeal in delight. G-d has me in the palms of his hands.

Those around look at me with dismay, as if to say can't you see the fear in my eye's, I smile sweet as can be as if to say, yes but can't you see the peace within my soul? Don't you know G-d is in control?

Every time I board a plane, I know G-d is on board, as he takes control of this silver bird. We bank to the left, then to the right,till G-d takes control. From time to time, just for a giggle G-d will bounce this silver bird.

When others scream in fright, I let out a little giggle, I try to keep it bottled up inside, it just escapes as it tickles my soul.
I know G-d is in control, of this silver bird.

In the palms of his hands I am safely there, nestled like a baby, safe in G-d's strong and capable hands, so off the ground to the skies I will fly. I know G-d is in control of this silver bird and me.

Please don't judge me, if a giggle escapes my lips, G-d has just tickled my soul, he and I know he is in control.....

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Oct 27, 2010
Love It
by: Anonymous

Love this poem!!

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