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Similes for Kids

A simile compares two unlike things using the words 'like' or 'as'; e.g. 'My friend is like a diamond'.

A simile differs from a metaphor in that, even though they are both forms of comparison, similes indirectly compare two ideas that are unalike and allow them two remain two distinct entities; whereas a metaphor compares two things directly.

Example of a Simile Poem

Use your knowledge of similes to write a poem similar to the following model:

Simile Poetry for Kids

Exercise for Your Students 

Here is an exercise to help your students better understand the purpose of a simile. Include a similar exercise in your lesson plan.

Read each sentence below and complete to form a simile.

For example:

    She shines like the sun.
    a)     He laughs like a             .
    b)     She is as loud as a             .

    c)     The crowd poured into Jade stadium like              into a paddock.

    d)     As big as a             .

    e)     The players lumbered like              through mud to get to try the line.

    f)     He clung like a              to his surfboard.

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