Simply Missing You


I thought that I could not shed one more tear
For those who have passed that I held so dear.
Yet even in this hardened heart
Some things will kindle a tiny spark.
When I heard that you had left,
What happened next I did not expect.
My heart had a piece left to break,
And tears flowed to show the ache.
In the aftermath of it all,
Sometimes all one can do is bawl.
Seeing your family hurt so much,
Knowing their pain I could not touch,
Made me feel so helpless and lost,
Each with their own personal cost.
What a wonderful life you left behind,
Always remembered for your big heart and being so kind.
Your friends are all so sad and somber,
The rest of their lives will be led at a lumber.
Each person that met you has a sweet tale,
Of how you helped, how you loved, and never failed

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