Singing Swans

by Josh

A mother swan and her two kids enjoyed being in their pond,
They were happy, laughing a lot and had to sing a song.

One swan sang beautifully, her voice carried a tune,
The other two watched as if her voice could reach the moon.

Animals around the pond began to hear her voice,
Some asking her to sing a song of their choice.

She sung out loud, her songs filled them with the animals with joy,
She looked to her youngest, her beaming boy.

The daughter swan looked at her mama, and when her mama was done,
She sang out loud and gave the animals a glow like the sun.

Mama swan looked at her daughter with pride,
as the animals watching took her music in stride.

As mother and daughter sang with glee,
The youngest swan watched, a look so happy.

He opened his mouth and sang with his mummy,
He watched all the animals, happiness filling his tummy.

The animals all clapped when the swans song stopped,
The animals scattered, the frogs left with a hop

The swans went about swimming, they can sing again the next day
The son and daughter took off to play.

Mama swan looked on, thinking what song they could sing,
For music and joy tomorrow would bring.

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