by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

In the flux of feeling emotions
I melt into her oceans
where I sink or I swim.

Her every whim is desire
The touch of her sea sets my whole World on fire
I drown in the kalabash
slip in and out of the hot ash
and am reborn.

Where the Sun hits the day
When the Moon's far away
I am painted with lust
A picture
me on a muse
with no win or no lose.
Anyway I choose it I'm
confused in the pigments lost in the figments
my imagination fragments
In pieces of stalemate
and from dreams I wake too late
can't even concentrate.

In the flux she looks hot
I like her a lot
but she scares me.
She wears me away one feeling a day
one emotion a time.
She'll never be mine.
Always tidal
I was never the groom, she's not meant to be bridal

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