Sins of a Lover

Dirty thoughts; like a blistering fire in a coarse drought, consuming all the oxygen running up through my veins and heating it into a perverse insult to the morals and virtues of love.
I want you,
I need you,
I see you fulfilling my life.
Maybe I’m just another lust junkie obsessed with what I should not have.
Perhaps I am glutton for punishment.
Perchance I fear the wrath of my unattended desire.
Possibly I let sloth get the best of me when it comes time to realize it is best I desist.
Conceivably greed guides my heart guiltlessly.
Plausibly I’m just envious that your smiles are the effect to another’s cause.
Or maybe, just maybe, I am too proud to admit I have brought on my own fall.
I angrily quiet my thoughts, calm my breaking heart, soothe my tattered soul, and welcome myself into this perdition.

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