Sins of a Revolution

by Phenix the Ashen

The first sin, I am born

Squall to the shades of the haggard torn

Soon will I become lucid,

See the world as is, distractingly putrid

I live, there for I sin

I see, there for I am

The second sin, I think

Mock the shades, put it down in ink,

'Harlot, heathen, rip the pages!'

I keep them all, as the dark mass rages

I rebel, there for I sin

I feel, there for I am

The third sin, I learn

Give my opinion, they only turn

'Give it up, you won't get anywhere like that!',

'Fu-k your morals!' I turned back and spat

I say, there for I sin

I know, there for I am

The fourth sin, I rebel

Spit in the face of the shades, they only label

'Hold your tongue, you hellish ingrate!',

'Do not belittle me, I won't listen to you prate.'

I defy, there for I sin

I become, there for I am

The fifth sin, I love

See the hell on earth, the black and lonely dove

'Come along, my dear, destroy this world with me'

'I accept your hand and forever we will be'

I fuck, there for I sin

I birth, there for I am

The sixth sin, we ruin

Form the weak rebellion, after a time we bring our crew in

'Burn that which lies, kill those who steal your minds!'

We burned into the nights, days we listened to the cries

I change, there for I sin

I help, there for I am

The seventh sin, we die

Kept all of our promises, we laughed, we cried

But one day we knew, our world would forever change

Did it happen? Yes it did, to be what we were- deranged

I am, there for I sin

I sin, there for I am

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