Siren Song

by Peter Stanford
(Sydney NSW Australia)

My love for you is deep
To the pillars of the earth
It would stand in the face of ruin
It’s a haven
Shelter in your storms
And it’s forever
As it is
And as it was
So it shall always be
I love you
It is the way of things

And should the darkness
Ever fall upon you 
I shall find you
Wherever you are
And wielding a light
Bright as the sun
Cold as the moon
Sharp as the evening star
Shall put to flight the shadows
That have broken your beautiful heart
And take you away from this battlefield
To a place we’ve only ever been
When we dare to dream the dreams

This is our place
It’s where we belong
It’s home
And it’s so far away
But I shall take you there my love
And we shall never leave
And I shall hold you in my arms
And love you till I die
And you
The love of all my lives
You shall be my princess
And I shall be your knight
In shining armour
On a great white charger
I shall be the wish you wish
On all your shooting stars
© 2018 Stanford

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