by Stephanie

I know what a true sister is all about
The one you can share all your secrets with
Trusting them not to tell anyone
The one who believes in you when you are in trouble
The one who is always there for you
But for me, well, that's not my sister.
My sister doesn't believe me when I am in trouble
My sister is not always there for me
The one I can go to when I've had a bad day at school
Or just knowing I always have a shoulder to cry on
I don't have a sister to entrust with my secrets
I cry knowing I don't have a sister who takes even
a minute from her life just to say hi to me.
But i guess it's just a fantasy. I live knowing I will
never have the sister I've always wanted.
All I need now is a family that loves me for
who I am and not what they want me to be.
I just have to accept that in my life she will
never be there when i grow up and have kids.
If that is Jesus' plan for me in life
I just have to accept it and not think twice about it.

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Jun 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

so cool

Dec 10, 2012
Similarity In Reality
by: Stephanie Hilou

i thought i was the only one that has the same problem but i'm sorry to hear that but yes we need to be strong about it even though it hurts us.

Jul 10, 2012
good job
by: Anonymous

not bad

Jun 21, 2012
passioniate poem
by: Anonymous

I have a little sister and when she grows up i'm gonna read this to her

Jun 17, 2012
My somewhat sister
by: Pam

I so relate to this story about your sister. I have a sister who has always said "if you ever need me, just let me know". The few times I've needed her, she is NOT there for me. She treats me like I'm in her way, like I'm interfering in her life. She has no time for me except when "I" try to make a plan. She has no substance; she changes the subject when I try to talk to her or confide in her. She lies but I never tell her I know she is lying. She's a routine person so if I died, she would go ahead with her plans and skip my funeral. I know how much you hurt. I'm almost ready to give her up. Like you, I cry too. My heart breaks because I wish I had a sister who cares but I don't really have a sister even though she's blood related. Isn't that sad? My sister is a thief and a liar. It's ironic because she is very spoiled and has anything and everything she wants; her husband make excellent money!!!!!! But yet she steals. I would not want to be like her in any way because I'm different. I'm not jealous because I would not want to be anything like her. Yes, it is a fantasy to want the sister that we need to be there for us. I am always there for her. But I don't want to be anymore. It "HURTS" so much! I'm sorry you're going thru the same sadness. God bless you.

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