Sisters So Close, So Far

by Madelaine Els
(Cape Town, South Africa)

You are deep in my heart
I can feel you so close even if you are so far,
We have a bond stronger than I will ever be able to explain,

There are times I need you
and times you desperately need me
But somehow someone always stands in our way
So that we can’t be there for one another
like we so desperately want to

I help you and you help me,
I feel so bad not being there for you,
And I know you are sorry that you couldn’t
be with me at a time we so desperately
needed one another

I know in my heart you love me and I know I love you
A sister bond is the kind of love that will only grow
You and I both know that even though you are way over there
And I am way over here, we are closer than even you and I know

I can feel your breath and I believe that you can see
that no one, no one,
not even mommy and daddy has this bond that is only ours

Oh how I miss you even more because my heart tells so
I miss you and I love you sis
No matter what they won’t be able to take you out of my heart

Because this is the only real truth,
to love only my sister like me
and you can really stay true

I love you.

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