Skin & Bone

by Anthony Desmond
(Center Line, MI, USA)

My bag of bones
cuts me like sticks and stones
sharpening more and more every time
we lie, cheat, and steal.
My scars never heal, we won't allow it.
they get deeper and deeper
with every cut of painless steel.
hiding behind an asian mask
that's layered with blood and
words that will never help a needed task
and a heart that pumps to its last.
the damage done that will never
come undone is what we do everyday.
killing our future is the price we pay.
beauty is skin deep and hatred
lies within the ones who feel
they'll never be loved by a perfect ten.
mirrors tell us we're ugly
when its really our minds
that do the dirty work.
we wish we could fly like a kite,
but our bag of bones
cuts like a knife.

Everywhere we go
we never let it go.

© 2008 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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