Smiling Princess..

by Bhaarat Purohit
(Hyderabad, Telengana )

I saw her as a little girl once,
In red frock and black ribbons

She had the prettiest smile,
She even made me smile.

Never knew who her mom and dad were,
She used to live with an old couple in the lane.

Yes, she was adopted but was loved and cared for.
She found her happiness in them so did they.

I saw her with an old man holding her hand.
She was his cane and his eyes.

She never had any friends from her lane,
Hope she had few in her school.

I never saw her out of that old house.
Sometimes on Sundays maybe

The old man fell asleep forever one day,
She cried standing before the door the whole day.

I can’t imagine her pain, I have killed my feelings long ago

What I understood was, her tears were precious like pearl

Even, a heartless like me cried deep inside.
“God, help her she’s your child” I begged.

Her smile disappeared from her face,
Every bit of happiness was erased.
Cannot forget that little girl in that red dress.
Please, smile once again oh! Smiling princess.

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