Snow Soften

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

Snow Soften

{Free Verse}
Mar 23, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

I gazed toward the sky
In early morning, spreading
Out the window, light gathering
Seeing a tempest unfurl
Amazed by whirlwinds
The arrival of the snow
A snow fall so lovely

Dancing through galaxies
Freezing water, drifting, falling
In dizzying bliss
Whitewashing over time, on town housetops
Yards and parking lots sparkling
Cars, milky, with new drippings
With solidified tears from the sky

Whilst drowsy skies yawn away
With ring around the moon
In a stalemate, of frigid disconnect
The whiteness is obscuring
The greater part of the snow
Condensing like a vapor
As night sparkle rises

Walk puddlings develop
Swings turf to mush
Icicles trickling
Oozing, without end, every moment
Melting into plashet
Splashing, sploshing, wading
No more snowy, for any to see

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