When the crisp morning air cuts through, joy flows into my house announcing the arrival of a thick blanket of white ice. I rush to the door struggling to drag on a warm coat and boots. The wind howled blowing glimmering flakes across my face. As I try to protect my eyes with my hands, cold seeps into the soft bright ice caps. Shallow breaths can be heard in the distance as I shuffle through clumps that are mushy underfoot. The swirling confetti flakes puffed in the whispering breeze. Some think it's a harsh, brutal, and a blinding tempest that jerks one around viciously. Powdered heavenly beauty is everywhere making me wonder if I'm stuck in a dreamland. Angels form lazily on the ground as I propel my arms back and forth, and frosty bits sway upon my eyelashes. It's amazing how tiny crystals join together to suddenly form life. By snapping twigs and giving a friend new arms, I see the beginning of delight. Intricate patterns mould in the icy wind as it descends onto the rugged slopes destined to be comforted by its light touch. The bliss life makes time cease perfecting this snow day into a peaceful breeze.

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