So you have made that decision

by susan logan
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

So you have made that decision to end your precious life.

All this pain and suffering,

All this stress and strife.

But pause for just one moment

Is this really what you want to do?

You might not realize it

But there are lots of people who love every part of you.

Think about your family,

All the pain you will leave behind.

Are they really so hard to talk to?

Are the answers really that hard to find?

Do they not deserve to know what your thinking

A chance to at least talk things through

A chance to change your mind

It might make you realize they will be lost without you.

Think about your friends who you do everything with.

How are they going to cope if you no longer exist.

Loss without your smiling face

Or humor that very few could resist.

All the fun you had together finished in the blink of an eye

All that is left without you is questions as to why?

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