So you see

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah U.A.E)

There isn't much to say today
Those lores and fantasies
of a boy and girl, the best of friends
amidst tragedies

They fought away
valiant and brave
every omen they faced
then stayed well away

A toad of sorts
their partner in crime
a witty one was she

crazy, naive, hyperactive,
this crazy trio of three
where each one , were the best of friends,
the girl , the toad and he.

The toad and the girl
shared a secret bond, a magic unforseen,
where the girl did share everything
with toad she came out clean.

He sat there quite mesmerized
she trusted the toad more than him??
well this isn't right , something should be done,
he went on a whim

The effects of his misadventure
were quite nasty as such
he sat there bound in a muddy pool
over his head a duck

So you see, dear people,
no matter how much you pretend
the simple reality of life , I suppose,
a toad is always a girl's best friend :)

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