Soldier By Soldier

by Madison Chollar
(Stanwood, Washington)

A land for the free,
For one and all to see,
But freedom isn't free.
Soldier by soldier,
Gun by gun,
Boys into men,
Do they become.
Trained for the worst
They set out for war,
But the worst is even worse than before.
Bodies, bodies, and bodies,
They lay bloody on the ground,
None can save them now,
Guns and tanks,
Grenades and missiles,
All different names,
But all bring death.
Their men and our men,
Laying side by side,
Their end came too soon,
Goodbyes go unsaid,
A homeward path they were meant to take,
But Fate had a different plan.
Man by man,
That’s how to win a war,
Those who are strong,
And have something worth fighting for,
They fight for the sons,
They fight for the daughters,
They fight for the mothers,
They fight for the fathers,
They fight for our towns, states, and country,
They fight to keep us free,
But freedom isn't free,
Freedom is paid through blood and courage,
Courage and blood from our soldiers.
God Bless America
And the soldiers who keep Her free.

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