by Amber Goldfish
(United Kingdom)

I'm different I know
In solitude I walk
No one understands
No, not one
As I journey through alone
O solitude! Why has thou befriended me
Why am I the chosen one
To tread on this path so obscure
The sun is my companion by day warming my cold soul
Teaching me the secret of its faithfulness
As it rises each morning
And sets every evening
The moon, my comrade at night
Watches with me
When my sore eyes hold sleep no more
A strong ally who understands
The secret of the dark
While shining its light there on
And in this beam, my path is illuminated
I catch a glimpse of fellow travellers with me
Then I realise I am not alone
I was never alone
Only the the absence of light
Creates the illusion of separateness

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