Someone Special

by Robert Tansey
(Sunderland uk)

This poem was written for my daughter and son-in-law.They got married on 10 September 2011.It was read as part of my speech to Rebecca,Stephen and Kieran their son.I could not let the occasion go by without remembering my mother and father who passed away before their wedding day.Mam passed away in September 2010,dad in August 2011 a month before their wedding day.They both them very much and Kieran a much loved great grandson who dad called him my little tinker.Although the wedding day was fantastic i just wished my parents could have been there.I know they would have been looking down on them with big smiles on their faces and sending them all their love.I miss my parents and think of them each and every day.

Someone Special

If it rains on your special day
It's because of tears of joy
If it's sunny on your special day
The sunshine is the ray of love
That is because of Someone Special
Looking out for you both from above
Someone Special is not one person but two
And on this special day they send their love to you
Someone Special loved you both from the start
And love was sent straight from the heart
Although not here in body and mind
Someone Special in their own way,were one one of a kind
No longer here for our live's to share
Someone Special will always be there
Someone Special showed no fears
After all the trials over the years
But one thing for sure,i'm sure you'll agree
The love Someone Special gave to the family
The love for you both was so immense
That losing Someone Special makes no sense
Not forgetting our Kieran too
Blonde hair and eyes so blue
Believe you me when he ages, girls will wrestle
Just to be with him,to be Someone Special
God took Someone Special for his own reasons
Someone Special will be here over the four seasons
Winter,Spring,Summer or Fall
Someone Special was always on call
Always there in your hour of need
Someone Special,great friends indeed
Times a great healer as you grow older
Someone Special will always be by your shoulder
People may look and people may stare
When you talk to someone who is not there
Don't be afraid,it's not your mind or your health
I know how you feel,i've done it myself
You won't find more loving persons for miles around
So don't go looking,at least not on the ground
For this Someone Special are way up high
Looking down on you both,the brightest stars in the sky
When you look up to the heavenly sky,not one star but two
Twice as much love to help your lives through
So will all you people her today,tonight look up above
Do this for Rebecca,Stephen and Kieran,a family of three
For the stars are Someone Special,they are Jack and Mabel Tansey

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