by Tijjani Grema

I saw someone, but I don't know who.
I think she's the one,
but who is the one?
I think I have been brainwashed,
but by setting my eyes on her without intrusion
brought back all the memories of the past.
I recalled every piece of the past
and started to visualise her perfect appearance.
She wore blue from the sky down to the earth,
well fitted on her silky skin.
I emerged to her bound
and made myself visible at her view.
The moment she saw me,
her face filled up with surprise,
but it didn't last.
She drew away her gaze and her face became raw,
filled with sadness and anger.
I announced her name to her face, but she kept her head down,
gazing at the two beautiful legs that were hers.
"I think she has been brain washed too" I said to myself.
She raised her face, but it was full of nakedness and anger.
She claimed to be deaf.
I stood like a statue staring at her cute face
without a word being said.
She lifted herself up,
and marched herself out of my sight,
without a word.
I sat where she was seated and hugged myself
with my two long hands.
I rolled back to the past
and began fetching for what I had done to her.
This is the girl that loved me
with all her sense and precious heart,
but I treated her like a piece of trash.
Abusing and embarrassing her in front of people.
I put on tears in her eyes,
and she cried until her tears became no more.
I was happy at the time,
but today the happiness has turn to its opposite.
I am running out of ink,
but I will continue to write more and more to you
until my hands get tired and perish.
My fellow souls, we learn from our mistakes,
but avoid making mistakes,
because some mistakes can't be corrected.

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