Somewhere along the lines of waning and fading

by Angel Delvillar
(Bronx NY)

My existence depends on it

My existence depends on it

The letters I write are the only thing I have near
Where is this place? The words I express are all I hold dear
I am lost in myself
No answer, no question is too clear
for within these walls that have no matter
Of myself I live in fear
when will I go out and embrace the world
when I am scared to shed a tear
If I don’t speak out Will I disappear
If I say something will they come here

In the darkness I reside for it is who I am
My echoes come from the inside
But the screams come from all directions
I hear all my secrets on the outside
but my truths resonate this place
Is it me that I live inside? Is it me I stand beside?
Something tells me that to myself I have lied

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