Song Of The River

by Joyjit
(Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India)

All it took was
Just one summer long
For the river to run dry
As did her tears too
The river should swell again
With the coming of the rains
But her heart would
Never feel the same again
Her love was gone
She waited by the dry river bed
For the rains to come
And when they did
It just poured for days on end
The river swelled and ran into the sea
The fish came along so did the fishing nets
The boatman was back in business
Ferrying people across the banks
Suddenly she felt lighter
And her heart was filled with a song
her man was back
He couldn’t stay away from her
For too long.
They swam and went boating as well
The river made life and living
So joyful again.

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