Sooner Rather Than Later

by Robin Bennett
(Kenner, LA, USA)

In a windowless room
hiding from life
I revel in dark serenity
I’m joined by the chatter
spoken by the extinguished

Stepping blindly through a maze
contradicting thoughts swarm
as each begins to sting pale flesh
biting again my reality
or creating the fear I breathe

As I hide, no one cares to seek
my pain is their ignorance and bliss
I make my peace with
my meager utterances
Just paper blowing in the wind

A key and turn of the lock
my signal to retreat
from battle, I have
raised my white flag
surrendering happiness

Laughter has died
melancholy strings are
the only music I hear
You’ve raped me into
a flicker of a girl I once knew

One day, sooner rather than later
maybe I shall find freedom hidden
in death, for now I can only cry out
to a life that has been anything but kind.

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