Soul to Squeeze

by Mia Winchester
(Brookline, MA)

Take this heart
and rip it out from where it sleeps
squish it in your hands
until blood seeps into your fingernails
and fleshy bits fall to your feet

Take this heart
and put it to a cheese grater
scrape it slow and
feed the shavings to the dog
make sure his teeth are extra sharp

Take this heart
and wring it out like a sponge
let it's unarmored flesh feel the burn of a fire
let it fester
let it die a tragic death

Just take this sore heart out of me
for from it beats a bone breaking bitterness
from which I can't survive

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Feb 20, 2012
Oh my!
by: Eve

Images here are very vivid albeit a little disturbing--but then that's probably what you intended. This poem is better than most of the poetry I read on My Word Wizard. (grader should be grater) Well done!

Feb 18, 2012
love it
by: Lucy

I really like your poem,
your so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 01, 2012
Soul to Squeeze
by: Eve

This poem shows someone in a never ending hopeless situation. I would like to see some sign of future hope--as a reader, I would be more attracted to the poem if it showed even a glimmer of healing anticipated. Did you mean "grader" or "grater"? I like "beats a bone-breaking bitterness"--great alliteration and powerful words.

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