Soul-less Mates

by Ember Borgir
(United States)

You are a darkened soul,
A morbid mind.
We’re more than just lovers,
We’re victims of crime.
Punished by misfortunes,
Of our strewn past,
But moving on forward,
To where our love will last.
Into the shadows,
Covered by night,
I find you, my Demon,
Hiding from light.
Waiting there eagerly,
A grin on your face,
Waiting for your queen,
Where I find my place.
We’ve waited so long,
And to have you here,
Like everything we talked about,
To lose you, is my fear.
You promised forever,
And that was not fake,
Our love is too strong,
Not even the Devil can break.
I’d say, “I give you my soul.”,
But sadly, you know,
That I had lost that,
A long time ago.
I promise you this, though,
I swear it is true,
I will never love anything,
As much as I, you.
Our evil minds
Have connected so fierce,
We, as a team,
Not even “god’s” will, could pierce.
Holding your hand,
So rough, yet so tender,
I give you my all,
Of my new life, I surrender.

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