by DAMO!

In the Red!
A bondholder went abroad where in the heat he sojourned
But he was red raw all over when he returned
He had worshipped the sun, lapped up every last ray
And every offer of sun cream he simply waved away
He thought bondholders could never be burned!

Taking the Mick!
There was a property developer who once had it all
But during the recession his mighty empire did fall
And though charged by the Revenue for payments they did not get
Plus screwing his workers and accumulating millions of debt
He was elected to serve in the Dail!

‘Til Debt us do part!
We had the RBS, Bank of Ireland and AIB
and other banks all vital to the economy
we baled them out when they had billions in debt
you would think they would be grateful, yet
they now refuse help to you and me!

Right so!
David McWilliams tried to warn us, to open our eyes
He was ridiculed by politicians, ostracised by “The Boys”
But when the bank guarantee was signed that fateful night
It was obvious to see that David was quite right
And the politicians told us nothing but lies!

Fall Out
There was a political party called Fianna Fail
Who governed Ireland but made a balls of it all
And when eventually the country went bust
They resigned en masse, you could not see them for dust
So we must never ever let them rule in the Dail!

Who will fix our country, many think Fine Gael can
Yes, for many people Enda Kenny is their man
But Angela Merkel rules him, he is her boy
When she says jump, he asks how high
He only stops short of actually speaking German!

© DAMO! 2013

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